Rachel" private piano lessons - Company Message

Along with teaching you the piano I also incorporate some informations on the composers of the tunes you are practicing.

Did you know the The four seasons composer Vivaldi was nicknamed the red priest because of his red hair?
It is a fashion of the day white wig that he is wearing in that picture.

Did you know the harpsichord was one of a few different keyboard instruments pre-dating the modern piano?
it's strings were plucked instead of using hammers to hit the strings like the piano does.

Beethoven wrote the famous piano piece: fur elise.
He is the composer who became deaf in his later years.
He suffered by the hands of his alcoholic father, very sad life.
You might also know the moodlight sonata or the hammerklavier sonata.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a child prodigy, giving concerts to royalty at a very young age along with his older sister Nannerl.
You might know this one:
Twinkle twinkle little star....
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