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Thank you Wendy Mockford for the lovely testimonial you gave me:

My daughter is taking piano lessons from Rachel. She started in September and is already doing so well! Rachel is teaching her in the way she learns best, this is keeping her interested in lessons! (For the first time) 
I truly enjoy hearing her practice her music that she is given, and she is excited to go back each week! Rachel is kind and patient and we appreciate her so much!


Went to Montreal last week to visit my dying father.  
He passed away last wednesday in the morning.

I had some time to grieve with my favourite song: 
say something..

Im back at work, getting ready for students to come back.
You are entitled to a make up lesson because I missed a week with your child.
Just contact me and let me know when we shall book a make up lesson.

Montreal trip

To my students, please remember that the week of November 2nd from that monday to the next following monday I will be away.
I am going to Montreal with my sister to see our ailing father who is in the hospital.
I always want to be fair, your money doesnt go to waste, I offer make up lessons any day of the week or weekends. If that doesnt work for you, I'll deduct your fee to be accordingly.
thank you for your kind words and support and understanding as well!

Rachel Neil..

music teacher helper

Music teacher helper has been very useful for me in being able to organize all my previous, current or awaiting students and it has many useful function like emailing the whole group, scheduling, keeping track of incomes and much more... check it out....:

3rd annual Schubertiad

3rd annual Schubertiad taking place September 13th from 3-6 pm.
Franz Schubert started the tradition of having musical get togethers at his or other friend's homes.
This took polace in the 1800s and I'm trying to recreate my own version of something similar.
come over and enjoy refreshments and piano music. If you play an instrument please share this with us!
Applications to learn at pianissimo piano studio are available
any questions?
Rachel:   403 480 1060

Summer lessons, anyone?

Summer is here and a lot of you are participating
in sports, Its great, and it's great for you!!
For the ones that still want to do some lessons thru the summer months, I'd love to help you out there.
When you are ready to start up piano lessons again in the fall, you can contact me and select a time slot, first call first serve. And you have the choice of coming one half hour per week or we can alter this if you want to have time going camping maybe.

our new organ

My husband recently surprised me with a church organ, the small kinds, a little smaller than my piano. We found a good spot for it in my studio.  It's great for the kids and expanding their knowledge of music!
If I keep collecting instruments like this, I'm gonna need a bigger studio! LOL

holidays and other days off

To all my piano students:

I wanted to let you know since some of you believe that I don't work on school days off like holidays and such...  I don't mind working and teaching your child when it otherwise a day off, let's say it's memorial day, or Canada day, I'm still available to work, otherwise I'll end up oweing you make up lessons, if you take that day off, you can still ask me for a makeup lesson.
And also if you have the time and I don't have myself booked every half hour, I'll try to stretch the lesson a little, if your little one will allow it, because sometimes, your child doesnt want to pay attention for half an hour, so I make up for it by giving you some longer lessons, if, again, your kid will allow it.

February's REVS at Strathmore's Civic Center

I attended REVS last night at Strathmore's Civic Center.
It was fairly busy, I got probably a dozen inquiries on piano lessons and one lady signed up her daughter to start right away..
You don't have to wait for the beginning of the school year to start lessons. You can start them right away, next month or whenever you want.
Education is an ongoing thing and I think it's better to learn a little everyday and right away than wait for the perfect moment which may not come any time soon, so the sooner the better is my belief.

Our new 8 week old puppy: Princess

Princess is a rottie/lab pup, she's lovely and full of energy. She's teething because she's a baby, and we always have to give her new things to chew on as otherwise she'll chew on you!
We got her from our friend Jenn and she has more if you want a pup.
If she's too hyper, I will put her outside or in the dining room lock up.
Roxy loves her but she gets annoyed at her constrant want to play.
Roxy is much older than her, she's maybe 7 or 8 years old.

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