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Roxy passed away
Christmas 2017 piano recital
Believe in yourself


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Piano business

Roxy passed away

It's been a month since Roxy passed away.
Princess seems to be ok about it, Roxy left the house, went in the car and didn't come back. We had brought her to the vet to be put down.
She was old and had arthritis.
She would be skeptical of what we fed her as she found out we were hiding pills, meds, in her food, so we then crushed the meds but she still knew.
If she stopped taking her meds that 'd be the end of her.
Now that we only have Princess, Jon walks her in the early mornings when I'm still in bed!

Christmas 2017 piano recital

Last weekend I put on a piano recital for my students and their families.
2 families showed up, and I spoiled them with lots of food and snack items, and prizes to be won, everyone went home with at least one prize.
My little students played piano and so did I, we all shared the piano and enjoyed each other's company as we got to know one another.
It was a successful evening and I thank you all for being part of it!


I've been working on 6 long classical pieces on the piano, struggling with the memory part of learning the piano, I like the comfort of having my music sheets in front of me!
Any others have that same problem?
I like to have my sheets right in front of me, and I do close my eyes as I'm practicing to memorize but I always open them to see where I struggle at learning and memorizing.
I'm curious what are your tricks? I know repetition is the key, so practice and practice, and also trying starting at different spots of the scores, not always back to the beginning, otherwise if you blank out in the middle of the piece, you'll know to start up again somewhere closeby and you won't start the tune all over again because of a mess up, hopefully not in a RCM test!

Believe in yourself

I love this kitty. He's seeing his reflection in the water, he's seeing his full potentials, his aspirations, his dreams... his destination.

Believe in yourself also means:
take steps towards your dreams.
If you want to be a pianist, you need to take the small steps of practicing a little each and everyday.

Believe in yourself and you will make it happen!

testimonial by Kerri

video games, television and computer!

Our children spend too much time on their phone or computer, we need to introduce more wholesome activities such as learning the piano.

Rachel teaches to read notation so you can eventually read and play any genre of music that you fancy, be it country, jazz, pop, classical, your choice. 

At a hundred dollars a month, this is a very affordable art form that your child can learn one on one with me and if you don't have a piano I can lend you a keyboard for a while, because I have a lending library.

my history ll written exam mark

I waited 3 weeks before finally getting my history ll written exam mark.
I got 68%   Not the best mark but you know what?, I passed, I studied hard and I tried harder and I passed. 

music history 2 written test

I booked my music history 2 written test for August 5th in Calgary.
I've been reading flashcards, I've been making posters of the different eras and it's corresponding composers, a poster on the different baroque and classical dances, I have 2 textbooks I've been working in by going onto Youtube and listening to the musics I'm required to know.
I'll keep up the work, if you have an idea how else I can study for my test please share it with me.

festival of music

Kathie's Festival of Music is happening next thursday at 7 pm at the Alliance church in downtown Strathmore. 
Brenna and Anna will be representing pianissimo piano studio by playing a piece of piano music each, there will be other students from other teachers in the audience too. 
You will be playing on a grand piano.
good luck ladies, I'll be playing something too.

an accordeon

thank you Wess for the awesome gift of an antique accordeon. 
came complete with antique case and yellowing music sheets.
this is so great, now who's gonna try it, make a few sounds?

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