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holidays and other days off

To all my piano students:

I wanted to let you know since some of you believe that I don't work on school days off like holidays and such...  I don't mind working and teaching your child when it otherwise a day off, let's say it's memorial day, or Canada day, I'm still available to work, otherwise I'll end up oweing you make up lessons, if you take that day off, you can still ask me for a makeup lesson.
And also if you have the time and I don't have myself booked every half hour, I'll try to stretch the lesson a little, if your little one will allow it, because sometimes, your child doesnt want to pay attention for half an hour, so I make up for it by giving you some longer lessons, if, again, your kid will allow it.

new testimonial

Check out my new testimonial: www.strathmorecutsonwheels.com

February's REVS at Strathmore's Civic Center

I attended REVS last night at Strathmore's Civic Center.
It was fairly busy, I got probably a dozen inquiries on piano lessons and one lady signed up her daughter to start right away..
You don't have to wait for the beginning of the school year to start lessons. You can start them right away, next month or whenever you want.
Education is an ongoing thing and I think it's better to learn a little everyday and right away than wait for the perfect moment which may not come any time soon, so the sooner the better is my belief.

Our new 8 week old puppy: Princess

Princess is a rottie/lab pup, she's lovely and full of energy. She's teething because she's a baby, and we always have to give her new things to chew on as otherwise she'll chew on you!
We got her from our friend Jenn and she has more if you want a pup.
If she's too hyper, I will put her outside or in the dining room lock up.
Roxy loves her but she gets annoyed at her constrant want to play.
Roxy is much older than her, she's maybe 7 or 8 years old.

Back home and ready to start the new year: 2015

I'ts nice to start your routine after 10 days off in St Louis Missouri with  Jon's family.
We all got spoiled rotten, it was awesome!

The holidays are over, we're taking down the decorations and getting ready to start the new year with new resolutions and more work to be done.
I'm trying a housekeeper to help cut down on my work load.
The entrance and the piano room has also been changed around a little.

I'm happy to see my students again and asking them how was their holidays.

christmas holiday

Just letting all my students and customers know that the week starting december 21st, I will be away to St Louis, Missouri to see family.
I will resume business on new years day, starting a new month, a new year!
I hope you all have a great holiday time of the year.
Rachel Neil and family.

pet portraits in time for Christmas

I rented a table at the Strathmore Christmas craft fair at the Civic Center Yesterday.
I displayed my pointilism art pieces, wildlife, pets, animals, portraits....
check this out:  http://rachelneil.vpweb.ca

You still have time to order your portrait of your pet before Christmas,
I'll sell you the original piece for fifty dollars, unframed. I don't have frames to choose from in my studio, not enough room! I need a bigger house! LOL

Pianissimo's christmas recital

I figured out what I believe to be the best date for our christmas recital at pianissimo piano studio's.
It will take place at my house on december 13 from 5 til about 8 in the evening.
I will be serving snacks and food items as well.
I don't know yet if I will have Roxy babysat by a neighbour or not, let me know what you think about that.
I know the kids will love to see her, but she's a little hyper and I don't know how many kids and parents I will have that she won't leave alone.

Thank you for your business

Thank you for your business.

Special offer: Refer a student to me and get a lesson free.

If someone signs up with pianissimo piano studio because of you, you get a lesson worth $25 for free.

Treatz has passed away

a very sad day today. Treatz has finally left us, we got her Uthenized this morning at nine am. She had breast cancer of both breasts and they were hot and hard and the vet told her there is nothing else that she can do for us, her cancer was too far along, and she was suffering.
She is now gone into dream land, chasing balls and making friends with other dogs.
we cried and we will truly miss our Treatz, the one with the unusual name.
We will have her ashes in a urn to remember her by as well as a picture frame of her with the imprints of her paws on it.
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