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Beethoven bucks

I've printed off of the internet pages of Beethoven bucks, fake dollars.
I print them out and cut them up and I offer 2 dollars to each student when they come into their scheduled lesson. 
One dollar is for having brought your piano books to your lesson and the other dollar is for concentrating and trying for your half hour booked slot.
So you have the potential of earning 2 dollars per week.

You may choose to save your dollars or you may choose to shop at Pianissimo's piano studio's assortment of candy, toys, and nick nacks that range from a dollar each to 20 dollars!!.  So if you want the big prizes,you
better save your bucks.

prizes include many little furry stuffies, there are reading chapter books, balloons and hair accessories and our new items are a bunch of little jars of playdoh. They're only a dollar each and so much fun to play with!

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